Midterm Portfolio

I included my initial reflection on the following portfolio’s pdf, but in case someone has no interest in seeing my portfolio I will also report it here.

I have come to the conclusion that each semester in the design field is particularly hard in its own way. During the last semester, given that it was my first semester as a design major, I was dealing with trying to learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. For this semester, I once again decided to take on a heavy workload by taking four studio classes. While time management is definitely not an issue anymore, the problem which I instead have to mostly deal with is the creative process. Due to the overload of creative expectation of each of my classes, I am currently having a creative breakdown and I seem not to be able to create decent and innovative design work. I never thought I ever was a great designer, but this semester forced me to face the fact that I may never be able to improve if I do not get out of this crisis. The fact that I now have much more freedom in the assignments (including setting due dates) definitely is not helping. In contrast to this, since this is also my first semester as a FAD employee, and as an employee, I am given strict deadlines by my clients, I have been able to craft decent creative design jobs (the FLATS coffee-mug for instance). With that being said, I cannot say that I have sufficient work to be proud of. In terms of production and expectation for the semester I am at a fairly good point, however, in terms of personal achievement and satisfaction in what I do, I am far behind compared to where I believe I am supposed to be at this point of the semester. Putting these negative points aside, I am currently working on a variety of projects which I believe would be good assets to display in my final portfolio, and am buoyant that I will improve in my work and at least partly overcome my creative crisis.

Putting these negative points aside, I am currently working on a variety of projects which I believe would be good assets to display in my final portfolio, and am buoyant that I will improve in my work and at least partly overcome my creative crisis.

Here’s the link to my portfolio: midterm portfolio 



September Goals

  • Become faster with illustrations
  • practice digital drawings on a daily basis
      • Have more control of the tablet when drawing on photoshop
  • Learn new features of Animate CC and become faster in using it
  • Organize my planner for the month and the following one
  • Have solid work to include in my portfolio
      • Create something to be proud of
  • Take track of the time I spend on the assignments and work on how to reduce it
  • go to the gym at least 4 times a week
  • prioritize personal mental/physical health over school and assignments
  • sleep at least 6 hours every night!

Weekly Goals


  • Finish my stationery in time
      • not have any issue in the printing process
  • keep up with the assignments
  • expand my knowledge on animate cc
  • create an animation that can be defined as such
  • recreate a flawless animation
  • keep my blogs updated
  • look for new Wacom tablet (possibly one in which I can see what I’m doing)
  • take an hour break in between assignments


  •   Work on digital Illustrations
  •   find a plan to work efficiently and fast, applicable for each class I am taking this semester
  •   Keep up with the assignments
  •   have some free time
  •   start my job
    •   Speak with my first client
  • Getting some Layout inspirations on the internet.


  •   Work on different digital Illustrations on photoshop and try different styles
  •   Keep up with the assignments
  •   Create at least two design works that show my improvement from last semester
  • Work on Layouts
  • Work on websites
  • become more creative compositionally and conceptually
  • communicate with others and compare my work with theirs for mutual growth in terms of design styles


  •  Create a variety of designs which show my improvements over the year and which I can brag about (for once…please).
  • Have a good portfolio with wins and failures which I can fix and I am able to demonstrate it.
  • Look for internships
  • Improve in my digital drawing skills
  • Improve my craft skills
  • Create visually appealing websites faster
  • Fix my flaws with layouts and become more aware of graphics-text balance
  • Become more accepting of my work, even when it is not perfect (so always)
  • Awaken my currently dormant creativity!
  • Find my personal style

Initial Reflection

Last semester (as stated multiple times) was very rough for me. Working/living in constant stress might have been helpful to assimilate some concepts, but, because I was overwhelmed with new information, I prioritized some notions more than others. This probably caused me to not retain some important information because I did not deem it important enough. This might be the reason why I struggle a lot with organizing the body of a paragraph or giving an interesting and overall functional structure to a text. In general, the typographical aspect of every design I work on passes to secondary importance compared to the illustration. Illustration/graphics themselves can be a gift and a curse. I believe I have a decent hand when it comes to illustrations and drawings, but when overused, it might interfere with the overall look of a design, especially when it is emphasized more than any other design element. To improve my weaknesses, I should definitely work more on brochures, booklets, and magazines, or just anything that requires a restricted amount of graphic elements and a wiser use of negative space and body structure.
My area of interest is a little undefined. As a designer, I tend to go towards the artistic/illustrating side, that is probably why I struggle so much with organizing a clean design, struggling also to keep everything simple and direct.