Initial Reflection

Last semester (as stated multiple times) was very rough for me. Working/living in constant stress might have been helpful to assimilate some concepts, but, because I was overwhelmed with new information, I prioritized some notions more than others. This probably caused me to not retain some important information because I did not deem it important enough. This might be the reason why I struggle a lot with organizing the body of a paragraph or giving an interesting and overall functional structure to a text. In general, the typographical aspect of every design I work on passes to secondary importance compared to the illustration. Illustration/graphics themselves can be a gift and a curse. I believe I have a decent hand when it comes to illustrations and drawings, but when overused, it might interfere with the overall look of a design, especially when it is emphasized more than any other design element. To improve my weaknesses, I should definitely work more on brochures, booklets, and magazines, or just anything that requires a restricted amount of graphic elements and a wiser use of negative space and body structure.
My area of interest is a little undefined. As a designer, I tend to go towards the artistic/illustrating side, that is probably why I struggle so much with organizing a clean design, struggling also to keep everything simple and direct.

September Goals

  • Become faster with illustrations
  • practice digital drawings on a daily basis
      • Have more control of the tablet when drawing on photoshop
  • Learn new features of Animate CC and become faster in using it
  • Organize my planner for the month and the following one
  • Have solid work to include in my portfolio
      • Create something to be proud of
  • Take track of the time I spend on the assignments and work on how to reduce it
  • go to the gym at least 4 times a week
  • prioritize personal mental/physical health over school and assignments
  • sleep at least 6 hours every night!

Weekly Goals


  • Finish my stationery in time
      • not have any issue in the printing process
  • keep up with the assignments
  • expand my knowledge on animate cc
  • create an animation that can be defined as such
  • recreate a flawless animation
  • keep my blogs updated
  • look for new Wacom tablet (possibly one in which I can see what I’m doing)
  • take an hour break in between assignments


  •   Work on digital Illustrations
  •   find a plan to work efficiently and fast, applicable for each class I am taking this semester
  •   Keep up with the assignments
  •   have some free time
  •   start my job
    •   Speak with my first client
  • Getting some Layout inspirations on the internet.


  •   Work on different digital Illustrations on photoshop and try different styles
  •   Keep up with the assignments
  •   Create at least two design works that show my improvement from last semester
  • Work on Layouts
  • Work on websites
  • become more creative compositionally and conceptually
  • communicate with others and compare my work with theirs for mutual growth in terms of design styles


  •  Create a variety of designs which show my improvements over the year and which I can brag about (for once…please).
  • Have a good portfolio with wins and failures which I can fix and I am able to demonstrate it.
  • Look for internships
  • Improve in my digital drawing skills
  • Improve my craft skills
  • Create visually appealing websites faster
  • Fix my flaws with layouts and become more aware of graphics-text balance
  • Become more accepting of my work, even when it is not perfect (so always)
  • Awaken my currently dormant creativity!
  • Find my personal style