Final Portfolio

As for the midterm portfolio, my final reflection can be found in the PDF of the final portfolio, along with time estimate and actual time breakdown. I did not make a separate section for the client liaison, but I discuss in the initial reflection and the time estimates slide (and additionally when explaining some briefs). I will upload my production file on GoogleDrive shortly

This is my website which I showed in class on Monday:

Here is my Final Portfolio: Final portfolio

In case there are any issues opening the PDF, I will rewrite my final reflection here:

This class has been particularly difficult to manage. I generally do not work well under pressure, but I do need deadlines so I can organize myself ahead of time and not being overwhelmed at the last minute. Not having deadlines for this class awoke the perfectionist in me, that works and reworks on something until it is “perfect”, in this manner I do not just make my time more difficult to manage, I also overwork a project at the point that I would make it even worse than before Another aspect of myself that I did not take into consideration before this class was my need to confront my own design, with that of my classmates. Each one had to work on their own briefs over the semester, therefore there was little space for confrontation. Debriefing and discussions are perhaps the keys to resolution of one of my biggest issue when it comes to creating design: the pursuit of innovative design. For a large portion of the semester, I have been stuck into a creative crisis that slowed my production speed and affected the overall look of the final products. For absurd that it seems, I reached my peak of creativity and production the second and third weeks preceding finals. I told myself that I did not need to create something either perfect or innovative. I reworked almost all my briefs, even restarting some of them from scratch, and I believe I achieved my main goal for this semester: create something to be proud of. I know that there will always be room for improvement, but, for the purpose of this class, I am satisfied with the improvement I had, which becomes clear when looking at my midterm portfolio. A determining factor of spoken improvement could also be working for FAD. I realized that my perception of “client liaison” was mostly inaccurate. A designer cannot be too flexible with their clients, for they would perceive it as if you are willing to work more on a project and you would end up spending excessive time and energy on a project. Working with demanding clients is perhaps the reason why I did not work as much as I would have wanted to and why I prioritized FAD projects sacrificing my focus towards other briefs. This perhaps is another reason why having deadlines for the other projects could have helped me getting everything done at the speed that I wanted to. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised when finally (with the end of the semester approaching) I was pushed to revisit my briefs and surpassingly unblocked my creativity. The crisis is not over yet given that I am still searching for a recognizable personal style, but for now, I am satisfied with the outcomes of this class and it ended up helping me a lot with concept choices and design execution.


Week 16 Goals

A Priorities 1) Work on FAD poster

2) Rework on old briefs prioritizing the ESCAPE, FAD poster and landmark briefs
3) Work on Rhonda Vincent’s concert postcard

Week 15 goals


1) Chilly Sauce label (due next Monday)

2) Work on new text layout from the ones Rusty sent via email (due on Friday)
3) Fix issues on my website
4) Edit Rhonda Vincent poster (for the five billionth time)


1) Starting revision of past briefs (starting from the ESCAPE brief )


November Goals!

A Priorities

1) Finalizing DIGICORP Brochure and cover

2) Have my website done by the end of the month

3) Rhonda Vincent and the Range Concert Poster (the due date is February, but I am planning of finishing it by the end of the month)

4) Create a new logo and rebuild stationery set

5) Rebuild stationery set


B Priorities

1) FAD poster

2)Chilly Sauce Label Design